Essentials & Basics

A thought, an idea or a goal is not  – or very though – reachable if you don’t mind having strategies and plans. Beside this, nowadays a business growth needs revising strategies and plans every so often.

We facilitate the process of revising or transforming ideas to practices that worth to invest time, energy and money on it. We begin projects with a mini-workshop in which together we plan a unique path that is designed for your win. This plan is based on a model we’ve reached by experience. Here is a simple demonstration of this model.


What is it about?

Your ideas can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. In Ideation process, we facilitate generating, developing, and communicating ideas and thoughts, from innovation to actualization.

Market Awareness

What would be covered?

Assessing the entire stock and option marketplace in a macro level, will help you (+us) to find and fit the problems and market needs with your services. This avoids you from making poor decisions.


Who are they?

Individuals, group or organization, they influence on your efforts (positive or negative) and are impacted by your services. They’re interested in your success, whether within or outside your company.

Market Research

Now And Then?

We gather data on your products, competitors, audiences and the business practices/trends  that surround your market so you can make more informed decisions on your strategies and operations.

Business Model

The Very First Big Picture

We use Business Model Canvas to describe how you could create, deliver, and capture value in your market. This will forms part of your business strategy which represents core aspects of the business. It’s a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or existing business.



Customer Relationship

Customer Segments



Value Propositions




Schedules And Fundraising

Your idea needs different kinds of investments, and investors need to know your business will provide benefits in the future. So presenting your business model well enough and negotiations are the keys.


Preparations And Tests

In this step we seek to ensure your business is ready to be presented. We use a group of people who try your services / products to see how well they work, whether they like it or would buy or use it.

Business Plan

Always Changing Plan

We gather all details of your business as a written document that describes your path to achieve the goals. A business plan lays out a written plan from a marketing, financial and operational viewpoint.


Lets Launch It

With the clear designed plans and path, now you can go forward with strong steps. You know your “To Do” and “To Do NOT” lists, you have essential tools you need and now it’s time to put your efforts in action.

The business solutions have varieties in processes and outcomes based on your business and services / products you provide. We support your problems and issues as much as we have enough related knowledge and skills. This includes designing the services based on lean models and providing Customer Journey.

To learn more about how we use this model and other solutions we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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